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Local Business SEO & What Needs To Be Done

What Are the Benefits of Local SEO for Your Business?

As a local business owner, I’m sure you’ve heard of Local SEO, but you may be wondering “What is Local SEO?” and “What are the benefits of Local SEO for my business?”

To put it simply local SEO connects businesses with people nearby that are searching for the products or services that they offer.

Imagine for a second, you’re sitting at home relaxing when suddenly, you hear a loud noise coming from your basement.

You open the door at the top of the stairs, flip the light switch, and holy sh*t!

It looks like Niagra falls.

A pipe burst — What do you do?

Before you even realize what you’re doing, your phone is in your hands, thumbs feverishly tapping away.

You Google “Emergency Plumber Near Me.”

Instantly, Google returns a list of local plumbers.

Ignoring the ads at the top of  the results, you scroll down and click on the plumber at the top of the “Local 3 Pack.”

You’re brought to their business listing that pulls data from their Google My Business.

The business listing shows their address, phone number, website, photos, services and reviews from former customers.

That plumber, or any business that appears at the top of Google for localized searches, isn’t there by accident.

They are there because they recognize the benefits of local SEO for small businesses.

Whether you have a brick and mortar store, or service-based business, local SEO is hands-down the most effective method for promoting your business online.

Let’s quickly take a look at what local SEO actually is.

82% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

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